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Medical services are provided and billed by Arlington Dermatology Clinic. Following are the health plans which we currently accept. If your plan is not listed, we will be unable to file a claim on your behalf. However, we can provide you with a form that you can manually submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. It is the patient's responsibility to know whether a referral is required by your insurance plan and to obtain that referral prior to your visit.


Please be advised that we are not accepting new Medicare or Medicare Advantage patients. Patients with Medicare or Medicaid as their primary insurer are not eligible to be seen as self-pay patients.


We are contracted with most major health insurers, however individual plans may vary. Please call your insurance provider to verify that we are contracted with your specific plan before scheduling your appointment.



PPO, POS, Open Access

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Federal and PPO


PPO, Local Plus, Choice Fund Local Plus, Open Access Plus

First Health (Coventry)



PPO, POS, Open Access, Choice Care


United Healthcare

PPO, Choice, Choice Plus


For other questions about your bill or insurance benefits, contact our practice manager, Cheryl at 817-265-1356 ext. 308


Why am I receiving a bill if I already paid my co-pay at the time of my visit?

Per your contract benefits, you may owe additional payments towards your deductible or co-insurance. You can compare what we are billing you with the explanation of benefits (EOB) from your insurance company. If you did not receive an EOB from your insurance, you may call their customer service in order to verify this information.

How do I get an estimate for an upcoming procedure?

Our billing department will be able to provide you with a provisional estimate of upcoming charges. Financial arrangements can also be discussed as needed.

Can I pay my bill over the phone?

We can take credit card payments over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept CareCredit.

What happens if I cannot make the payment in full?

In most cases, we can establish a payment plan depending on your balance due. Partial payments made towards your balance will not stop collection activity unless you have made payment arrangements with our office. Please call our billing services at 817-265-1356 ext. 308 to discuss payment options.

Why was my payment divided and applied to my bill in two separate places?

We apply patient payments toward the balance billed on your last statement. If there are 2 or more dates of service on that statement, the payment is applied to the oldest date first. Once an individual line item on the bill is paid in full, it will no longer appear on future statements.

Will you bill both my primary and secondary insurance carriers?

As a courtesy to our patients, we will submit the bill to your insurance carriers. If you have a secondary insurance provider, a claim will be sent after we receive payment from your primary insurance carrier.

Why am I getting a bill now when services were provided so long ago?

We send you a bill after payment is received from the insurance carrier and it is confirmed that the patient owes an additional balance. The length of this process depends on how long it takes for your insurance company to respond and whether you have a secondary insurance we are filing.

What does "in-network" and "out-of-network" mean?

If you receive healthcare services from a hospital, physician, or other health practitioner that contracts with your health plan, they are considered "in-network." Providers that are not contracted with your health plan may be referred to as "out-of-network," and your insurance company may require a higher co-insurance or co-pay for these out-of-network services. In some cases, out-of-network services are denied totally. Please contact our office to ensure we are in-network with your plan before scheduling an appointment.

Why does it mean when my insurance denies my claims for COB?

Most insurance companies require an updated coordination of benefits, or COB, on a yearly basis. If not received, they will deny all claims until this is completed. If you encounter this issue, please call your insurance provider to update and have your claims processed.

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